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Ron’s Wisconsin Cheese LLC. is now owned and operated by Pagel Family Businesses. Ron & Marilyn Renard started Ron’s Wisconsin Cheese in February of 1976. The Pagel family took over Ron’s Wisconsin Cheese, LLC., in 2014 & launched their Ponderosa Farmstead line shortly after carrying on their father’s legacy of innovation & dedication to wholesome products. At Ponderosa Farmstead in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, we believe farm-made, hand-crafted products taste better and are better for you. As a farmstead, we use milk exclusively from our herd to make the freshest cheese possible. Everything we do centers around our third-generation family dairy farm—from the lush land to the content cows, it’s simply the best place to make artisan, farmstead cheese.


We begin the cheesemaking process within 90 seconds of milking, and six hours later we have some of the squeakiest curds, creamiest string cheese, and richest cheese whips you’ll ever taste. Each batch of cheese is made by hand with no preservatives and shipped fresh to your door.

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Farm-to-Fork Our Cheesemaking Process

Every ounce of cheese is carefully handled by our talented cheesemakers to ensure premium texture and taste. Judges from around the world have awarded Ponderosa Farmstead cheese for its farm-fresh flavor.